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Walk away from bad people . Leave the evil and aggressive people, Leave the forever the people greedy and deceitful people.

in Acquaintance, a man and a woman. Communication Psychology Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:24 pm
by Red Sun • 61 Posts

Walk away from bad people .
Leave the evil and aggressive people,
Leave the forever the people greedy and deceitful people.
Villains catch you and exploit you.
Villains catch the good and timid people, and exploit on a sense of guilt.

Go away of these villains, before its too late.
Perhaps it even save your life.

There are half-hearted timid people who are friends for life with all sorts of villains and asshole.
None of them would immediately break at the first opportunity,
but courage is not enough.

So, these rascals, deceiving and fouling them, and the half-hearted people,
forgive them all, and each time find an excuse for them,
in the hope that these devils still be corrected and become full of people.
It lasts a lifetime, but the miracle did not happen.
And then comes the deep disappointment
and sadness on wasted time waiting for a miracle.
Stronger need to be resolute.
Learn to be steadfast as a rock,
and do not be afraid to make choices without regard
for the opinions of others and emotional blackmail.

No matter Who were these people in your life before!
Previously, you by the nonsense consider even their friends.
Not important, their social status, you stop all relations with them.
no matter who they were, your former classmates, classmates,
former colleagues, co-workers if they do not fit into your world,
you will only make things worse.

If their behavior is not corrected, and everything is repeated to them the same thing.
Believe me people almost do not change or do not change.

If your guy beats you, and then asks for forgiveness,
it is likely that the same thing happen again.
You will endure a beating again.
By virtue of your weakness and timidity immediately leave a sadist.

Bad person can easily go on the offense and will delay you into their problems.
You will once again forgive their destructive actions,
causing you pain and suffering.
They would blackmail you about true friendship,
they are once again asking for help.
In no case do not fall once again under their sway.
Usually people timid and weak people become dependent to a more powerful destroyers.
Bad people, catch and exploit the good and timid people on guilt, ..
If your girlfriend asked you to give her the dress, you gave her, but she returns his dirty and torn,

it probably is not very good, do you think?
You are asked to give photo camera, and return it to you broken,.
You give jewelry for a while, your girlfriend,
and this friend, laid your golden ring in a pawn shop?
What does this mean ?,
it means. your imaginary girlfriend fully exploit you,
by virtue of your timidity and weakness.
The same is true men, when the so-called best friend throws you, deceive you.
The point is not in material things,
let them be taken away even though your stuff ..
The fact that you are wasting your time on them, spend your energy, wasting your health
and share their fate with them.
Give these people at least ten million, they are for a while to forget you,
but when they spend all the money and resources,
they will remember again about you that you have,
and you again, because of his timidity
and weakness will feed their whole life this rogue and the villain.
Why do you need to live the life of these villains?
You have your own life.
Help needed to those who really need help and those people who have a conscience.
Presentation of greed in humans, too, a little misleading,
More greedy not the one which does not help others, it is called greedy.
People say how greedy this man ,.
Greedy person who constantly asks, and brings problem.
Greedy person who spends on drink and spend only on themselves all the money and resources.
Such a person absolutely do not care for your opinion.
A greedy think only of themselves.
The idea of ​​rancor in humans too submenu
That is, we are advised to quickly forget about the rogue,
that would have cheated another scam.
Seeing evil is necessary if you want to feel safe.
The main thing that it did not develop into paranoia, seeing the negative in each.
Then you join the ranks themselves. not a very nice person.
Take a look at the works of men, rather than what they say,
then understand who is in front of you.
Remember that many scammers are very charming, polite, say beautiful and sweet words.


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RE: Walk away from bad people . Leave the evil and aggressive people, Leave the forever the people greedy and deceitful people.

in Acquaintance, a man and a woman. Communication Psychology Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:58 pm
by OwenWelch • 1 Post

I really like the way you have explained about how to leave the negativity. According to the superior papers service, some people didn't like other's grow up. So, they create gossips about them.

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