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Escaping from the USSR to Australia. Woman in red bikini

in History and Politics. News of economics and politics Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:07 pm
by Red Sun • 61 Posts

Morning 1979, not far from Sydney near Pyrmont Bay.
 Has stopped the Soviet ship "Leonid Sobinov".
 The commander of the ship was a young captain Nikolai Sopilnyak.
 In the winter liner went to Australia and Polynesia cruises,
 and in the summer - campaigns in western Europe.
In this difficult situation, Lily decides to escape from the ship.
 She climbs through the porthole and jumps into the water.
Climb through the the porthole - not an easy task,
 so only the bright red swimsuit on the runaway.
 Then the girl and called - "a lady in a red bathing suit."
The clothes and skirt, had to leave for another reason.
 What would the crew did not notice her absence on the ship,
 she left her clothes in the cabin
That night, January 14, 1979,  
 the entire crew was busy with party on board.
 For crew members are constantly monitored to prevent
 them jumped overboard and fled the country.
 Decks constantly patrolled,  
 and covering the ship at night floodlights seemed
  doomed to failure any attempt to escape.
 But it only seemed.  
 "When we arrived in Fremantle,
  I talked to one passenger about my escape plan,  
 and he said it was a good idea, - she said.  
 - But then I was not able to implement his plan in life, and no one could help me. "

It should be noted the act was very risky.
 Because in the bay could be a shark.
 And the coast it was not close.
 In the case of a failed escape, she is threatened a prison for high treason
 Forty minutes by swimming to the coast

Once out on the beach,
 Lily turned to the man she first met. Kind girl could shock anyone.
 Wet, shivering with cold and fear broken English, she asked for clothing and,
 if possible, to take her to the police station.
 KGB officer who was on board, "Leonid Sobinov", sent a telephone message,
 in which he argued that the fugitive Gasinskuyu waiting motor boat.

telegram to the Soviet embassy was sent with a liner.
 Representatives of the diplomatic corps
 were trying to find a fugitive on their own, but all was in vain.
 She hid from his pursuers.
 But the staff of the local 'Daily Miror "newspaper were much quicker
 than the Soviet diplomats.
 Stole it from the police station, they hid Gasinskuyu in a safe house.
 The conditions set by the editors, were simple and did not burden the heroine.
 Just - exclusive interviews and a series of photos in a red bathing suit.

By the way, he became the first male photographer "Daily Miror",
 but unfortunately, his name remained in history.
 Escape Gasinskoy done a lot of noise.
 Australian newspapers were not fighting a life and death struggle
 for the right to publish about her.
 In an interview, she said that was preparing to escape for a long time
 and only for the sake of the stewardess settled on "Sobinov". Surely, it was a sweet lie.
 Why Australia? - Journalists were not appeased.
 I saw a picture in a magazine in Australia
 and realized that it was the most beautiful place on earth.

Lily needed money. Celebrity - this is certainly good,
 but she was planning to stay and live in Australia.
 And Lily became the first work contract for 15 thousand dollars with the magazine "Penthouse".
 The first issue of Australian erotic magazine,
 on the cover shone Lilian (as it became known in the English style) Gasinskaya.
 Photographs were published under the title "The girl in red bikini - without bikini."
 Lilian has decided to use its popularity to the full extent.
 She worked as a model, held auditions in film.
 Soon Gasinskaya received an Australian citizen.
 However, not without difficulty. In one of the interview,
 she said she did not want to live in the Soviet Union because it is boring to go shopping.
 Civil servants were skeptical of her, but still were given a welcome document.
 Its application for stores forced
 to admit that her escape was rather a desire to live in a country without a deficit,
 not dissident views.

In 1984 she married the Australian millionaire Ian Hyson.
 The marriage was unsuccessful and broke up six years later.
 In 1990, the beautiful Lilian disappeared from the pages of gossip.
 According to unconfirmed reports, Lilian Gasinskaya m at the 2013
 lives in London.
 She does not like to remember his adventure,
 and journalists are not too fan of.

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RE: Escaping from the USSR to Australia. Woman in red bikini

in History and Politics. News of economics and politics Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:05 pm
by Cassandra Marshall • 1 Post

This is really sad for me that how can she cut off herself like this. As she did a lot of struggle and accomplished her goals as well. I am keen to know the story of her side as well. But how this could be possible? Please help with boom essays online that would be appreciated.

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