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What men prefer and opt for a woman?

in Acquaintance, a man and a woman. Communication Psychology Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:53 am
by Fox • 76 Posts

About marriage ads
In a Moscow newspaper was placed the following announcement:
1. "The Director of successful company, a businessman wants to get acquainted with a woman for marriage to 30 years."
2. "Worker, the turner-miller wants to meet new marriage with a woman up to 30 years."
At the first announcement came 36 thousand letters from members of the fairer sex, the second announcement came no more, no less, as many as two letters.

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What men prefer and opt for a woman?

in Acquaintance, a man and a woman. Communication Psychology Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:57 am
by Fox • 76 Posts

Many girls and women today , both in Russia and in many other countries are trying to solve their time and material problems of life and marry a rich , held a man , preferably big businessman , politician, manager - the big manager, or a famous actor , singer , musician , or for the scientist, an officer , a journalist , and even an engineer , a lawyer and a doctor , and thus safely arrange his life . Open any newspaper or magazine , go to any online dating site and you will see that most of the ads they have distinct material needs : this is particularly characterized by a weak half - almost all the girls and women are looking for only the affluent men to necessarily have the money , machine and a nice apartment , so to speak, the minimum program . Well, those of women and girls , who knows her worth - of course material substantially overstate the bar . The nature of man , his appearance , habits - all this goes by the wayside .

Marriage of convenience initially carry rot - no haggling in marriage unacceptable. At the conclusion of barter relations between spouses dominates even the mind, as a kind of vulgar prudence, which can not justify itself in the future. Amateurs offer himself in exchange for something - should always be prepared for the fact that it will take years 6 - 8 and can easily appear - another fan of easy and comfortable life, and to offer herself, but she will be younger and more beautiful.

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