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How tall arnold schwarzenegger? And you know those that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not so high?

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And you know those that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not so high?

Now, the real height of Arnold Schwarzenegger 178-179 centimeters.
To his old age, growth decreased by two to three centimeters,
In youth Arnold Schwarzenegger was the height 180 - 181 cm.
Here are bodybuilders who trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
None of them has 188 centimeters, but they are above Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly whose height of 188 centimeters.
The left is Dave Draper with morning rise 183 centimeters, center stands Reg Park with morning rise 185 centimeters, the evening settles growth to 183 centimeters. In the photo we see that the growth of Arnold Schwarzenegger 180 centimeters.

The conclusion is: Arnold Schwarzenegger was never a growth of 188 centimeters.
188 centimeters is bloated bubble inflated journalists, image-makers,
Yes, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is also currently non-existent centimeters added to raise the rating status, in the film - the industry many actors want to appear bigger, taller, more successfully, to impress people. a young man wearing high-heeled shoes, then maybe he seemed taller than it actually is.
The right is low, Jean-Claude Van Damme, whose growth 176santimetrov.
Much higher than his Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Difference in growth between about 3 centimeters.

If growth of 188 centimeters Schwarzenegger was the difference in height was 12 centimeters.
The difference in floor head growth, but we do not see.
The conclusion is Schwarzenegger has never been growth of 188 centimeters.
Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko with increasing 198 centimeters above his head almost Schwarzenegger

But the man who really has the growth of 188 centimeters.
Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin whose height of 188 centimeters, he is ten centimeters below Wladimir Klitschko.

Look again at the photo

Klitschko above Arnold Schwarzenegger by 18-20 centimeters.
This proves once again, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been growth of 188 centimeters.

Now compare with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Chuck Norris Height 173-174 cm and height 178 centimeters Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[img(580px,424px)] [/img]

Through the movie that inspired us Arnold Schwarzenegger tall and huge, but it was not so.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man of medium height

Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Brigitte Nielsen slightly bent at the knees, the fact that it is just above Arnold Schwarzenegger
Brigitte Nielsen Height 182 centimeters, according to other sources 184-185 centimeters but even this apparent overestimation of growth.
But in any case, Brigitte Nielsen and high woman photographer asked her to stand up so that she was just below Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold appears next to such giants small toddler.
Husky named Wilt Chamberlain (Wilt Chamberlin), basketball player, height is 216 cm and Andre "The Giant" (Andre the Giant), wrestler, growth 224sm -225 cm
These giants were filmed in the movie Conan the Destroyer with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some more rare photos
Arnold Schwarzenegger on the photo now its height 178-180 centimeters and 182 centimeters Sigourney Weaver.

Sigourney Weaver is noticeably higher Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But if you remove the heel height, are dressed for Sigourney Weaver then their height will be almost the same.

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