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Protection from astral parasites protection against invisible creatures protection from demons parasites attack astral parasite

in Infinity ocean, the ocean of knowledge. Ocean life. Esoteric Club. Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:14 am
by Van Helsing • 3 Posts

Friendly astral parasites - demons and other nefarious entities

Friendly energy essences
People can attack not only witches , vampires and the like creatures , but also the essence of energy . These entities mentioned by the ancient . The ancients believed that we live next to invisible "essential " creature whose density is so low that, for us, they are just invisible shadows. However, modern devices are able to detect these invisible in the infrared and the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.

In parallel with the evolution of our biological evolution on Earth flows of energy , incorporeal creatures. Moreover, in its diversity energy beings are not inferior to the variety of the world's animal . Entities can act selectively , that is, as rational beings .

Among the inhabitants of the small world is a primitive creatures such as terrestrial bacteria and amoebae . Such substances are astral parasites. In the aura of many people present energy clots the size of three millimeters or less. These inclusions are astral parasites , they exist and are being fueled by the human body.

In the subtle worlds , apparently , there are not only primitive creatures , such as terrestrial parasites, but also home to highly energy beings who can be compared to the normal ( and biological) are allowed . They differ from each other in size , body shape and habits.

Among these creatures are quite reasonable and essence. Despite the fact that the person does not notice them , these invisible beings can affect the psyche , leading to human psychiatric disorders. It was probably , our ancestors called them demons. The nature of this type are often used witches as invisible helpers.

Invisible neighbors (entities ) , more often, are in the form of a cloud , which is continuously changing its configuration, and there are spherical energy of formation , they travel in schools . There are single , reminiscent of a tape or a snake. Such is the essence of the energy vampire , she can wrap itself around the body like a boa constrictor . There are essentially remotely resembling a jellyfish , octopus , rays , etc. We all , of those beings - their relationship with the person.

Probably our worlds are the ghosts of each other. Subtle world is invisible to the inhabitants of our physical world . Our physical world is invisible to the inhabitants of the energy world. Entities do not see a man as he is. Rather, they are able to see only the light of our body and aura.

Among the entities are those to which the person does not care . There are those who can protect us. But there are also those that are aggressive against humans. Such aggressors are constantly attacking us . Many of them have nothing against the man have not, they just want to eat. And they feed on the energy that is released as a result of the active work of the nerve cells . Nerve cells are discharged into the environment electromagnetic waves , forming a box around the body. This field stabilizes the sustainability of the energy bunches , so they strive to master the space around the person. These entities are parasites live and develop through the power of the person . At the same time they are able to disrupt their activities in the energy balance of the body, which leads to disease. Under certain conditions, the essence of parasites can kick around with the aura of one person by another aura , this phenomenon is referred to as the effect of the energy challenge.

How to deal with energy parasites ? This type of entities usually take root in the aura of people who are prone to depression, sadness and melancholy. When a person begins to consciously change their way of life , the changes and the quality of his aura. And , it gives a lot of trouble energy parasites that lead eventually to their complete neutralization.

Most of the energy essences can affect our subconscious.

We do not see these creatures malosimpatichnye normal vision , but many of us feel his presence there. Among us there are those who do not notice any changes, such people have a barrier between the conscious and the subconscious mind is so dense that the signals in the form of premonitions can not penetrate the consciousness. This well, at least for them. After all , such people have a headache is much less about premonitions. No misgivings , and, consequently , no headaches.
But in some people, sometimes , there is a superstitious feeling feeling closer look at yourself . The most sensitive - experience a state of discomfort and even mild headache ...

The first category of people who do not feel has a very tight barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. Information to the brain , but did not reach consciousness.

The second category of people who feel superstitious apprehension , has a less dense barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. As a result , the information comes into the subconscious , and in the form of an alarm consciousness is informed of the presence of - proximity something unusual, and therefore dangerous .

We are able to perceive and feel the presence of invisible energy . But , unfortunately, only in a state of trance monster picture , he immediately pops up on the inner screen of consciousness. Herein lies the weakness of human perception. For the energetic essence , we do not see , but feel her presence , has direct access to the human subconscious . Hence, the hypnotic effect of these invisible to humans. Moreover , consciousness is like a strict censor , can not prevent a similar attack. This is reminiscent of the principle of encoding human rights through the 25th frame .

Is it possible to prevent energy being to influence us ? Of course you can ! - Develop your will , be engaged in self-improvement and spiritual development.

There are various ways to prevent the effects on us of energy entities. But other than that, not bad to drive all of these energy creatures from their homes so that they in it , and close , did not appear .

Methods for cleaning up the home are:

1. Good help in cleaning the home atmosphere high quality incense . Pay special attention to the corners of the room - there may be a concentration of negative forces .
2 . I recommend to get a room with a burning candle , with the lamps . Particularly , it should be done , if there are signs of psychic attack . These characteristics include unfounded anxiety , fear and unpleasant odors.

3 . Very good effect - the use of a burning candle. If your house erupted permanent , unreasonable scandals, if you began to experience a sharp malaise , weakness, or irritability , then go with a lit candle in all rooms. Candle flame should visit all points in the room from floor to ceiling. Particularly slow , spend over a candle chairs, beds , in corners of the room and over the desk . In places where space is tainted negative emanations candle will burn conventional flame. But, once on the way to the burning flame arise , woven from the other-worldly matter, a candle flame , immediately will begin to crackle and melted black wax or smoke . If the flames began to behave this way, then give this area special attention to the room . Slowly drive a burning candle in this area , burning the formation of an invisible centimeter by centimeter . Do this procedure for as long as the fire in this area is no longer behave restlessly . What, only , you make sure that the flames destroyed the invisible emanation , then move on to another section of the room. A candle flame is restless ( bloat , crackling ) , because it burns the object woven of fine matter . From the behavior of the flame can determine the configuration of the object invisible . Usually in our rooms still stuck invisible clouds in the form of a ball , ribbon or web. Such formations are not conscious beings , that " inanimate " objects , but they are capable of delivering a man in trouble. As a rule, a characteristic sign of the presence of unconscious entities are based : smoking , overeating , in rare cases - alcoholism .

Now , try to consider the next question - on what grounds one can determine that the house was got the essence and it is time to apply immediate action .

If your family is unjustly scandals erupted and you , yourself, are not able to control their emotions , it could be an indication that the house was got something energetic . Like the uninvited guest is beneficial to the members of the family " squabbled " with each other. This is due to the fact that people in a moment of anger ( as in a time of fear ) very quickly lose their mental energy , dissipating it into the environment. This energy is immediately absorbed entity. If you find some family relationship tension , take action: go with a candle through all the rooms , sprinkle holy water all around ... If you are experiencing malaise and weakness, if the same test your home , then it is a signal that the energy house was got something wrong. Promptly take action to clean up the room.

Indirect sign of congestion lower astral creatures is irrational , disgusting smell. If this phenomenon occurs , then beat in the alarm and use the methods listed above , as well as one of the most tried and tested means - garlic. Arrange the garlic in the most disadvantaged areas. Leave it on overnight or for several days. After that ye shall carry it away from the home and burn . Many nations of the world have used the magical properties of garlic against the wiles of evil spirits . Apparently , garlic has a molecular structure that is destroying and destabilizing energetic substances .

The main factors that indicate the presence of relatives in the walls of the intruder are poor and disturbed sleep , most often it contains nightmares . Also , in the places where they settled invisible energy , people have unfounded anxiety, fear , irritability and feeling uncomfortable . As only you will notice similar to yourself and your loved ones , then , immediately , hit the alarm ... and act ...

The problems in our home can not only deliver energy beings , but also other factors . Scandals , discomfort , malaise , anxiety and illness can be generated by energy, which left a previous tenants . Also , this may be due to the fact that the house is on a dangerous energy bands or irregular geometry of furniture provokes energetic disturbances .

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RE: Protection from astral parasites protection against invisible creatures protection from demons parasites attack astral parasite

in Infinity ocean, the ocean of knowledge. Ocean life. Esoteric Club. Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:20 am
by Van Helsing • 3 Posts
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