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in Acquaintance, a man and a woman. Communication Psychology Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:17 am
by Fox • 76 Posts


"In the popular American bulletin board « Craigslist » recently published a letter from 25 -year-old girl who wrote the following:" What do I do? I - beautiful , graceful , funny, smart 25 -year-old girl , not from New York. Want to leave marry a guy who earns in a year is not less than 500 thousand dollars, because I want to be able to stay home with our future children. I know how that sounds, but a million dollars a year - a middle-class incomes today in New York, so it's not too much . Was this forum guys who earn 500 thousand dollars a year or more?

Prompt , I dated a business man who makes about 200-250 thousand a year, but I said to myself : Stop ! 250,000 I have not satisfied , they will not lead me into the house to the west of Central Park. I know a woman in my yoga class who is married to an investment banker and lives in a lovely home in Tribeca . I do not think that it is also beautiful , as I did it not a genius . As she did the right thing and how do I reach her ​​level ?

Here's what interests me in particular : - Where do you single rich , wealthy , successful men , spend your free time? Let me address : bars, restaurants , gyms . - What you are looking for a girlfriend ? Be honest , you do not offend me. - At what age I should be targeting ( I'm 25) - Why do some women leading a luxurious life so simple ?

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in Acquaintance, a man and a woman. Communication Psychology Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:24 am
by Fox • 76 Posts

I've seen really 'simple girls ' boring , which is not much to talk about , but they are married to incredibly wealthy guys. And I 've seen a hell of attractive girls who are bored at the bar alone. What's the matter ? - Guys what professions I looking for? Everyone knows - lawyer, investment banker , doctor. How much these guys actually earn ? And where are they fun ? And where the rest of the guys are hedge funds? - How do you decide to get married or stay lovers? I need ONLY WEDDING! My proposal is fair . Many beautiful women are very shallow , at least in that I surpass them . I would not look for a guy looking for , if I was not absolutely sure I could come up to him in every way : looks, culture , intelligence , ability to farm and keep warm hearth.

Her letter did not go unnoticed : the guy who earns more than half a million a year, said its proposal as a true financier.

I read your post with great interest , and carefully thought about your dilemma. I propose an analysis of your predicament. First, I'm not wasting my time : I walk by your demands , so as to earn more than $ 500K per year. And that's how I see it : Your offer, from the prospective of a guy like me - definitely a bad deal , and here's why. If you throw out all your letters too much, do you propose to deal too simple : you offer your beauty in exchange for my money. Fine. But here's the problem : your beauty will always - Fade and my money will only grow & In fact, the probability of increasing my capital is very high, but you're beautiful - just not going to ! So, what are you in the language of economics - depreciating asset and I - Return on assets . And you're not just a depreciating asset , conversely, your value - falls every year , faster and faster! Let me explain to you now 25 , and you 'll be sure to attract the attention of men , well, on the strength of even 5 years , but every year - less and less . At 35 on you no one will look .

Here on the «Wall Street» we would call you " trading position " and marry you - it's like that " Buy and Hold" . But to buy you ( and what you're asking ) - is bad business , so I'd better take you to the lease - that is, I suggest you become a mere mistress, of course I'll pay you well . If my words seem harsh to you , here's something to Think . If my money disappear , so will you , so when your beauty fades I need a way to get out of that asset. It's very simple. So a deal that makes sense - it's goodbye , but not the wedding . I would also like to note that in his early career, I learned a lot about the effectiveness of the market. And I am surprised that such a " beautiful , funny, smart ," as you still have not found a " wealthy man ." I find it hard to believe that such a nice girl like you describe yourself , have not found a $ 500K a year. By the way , you can always find the right way to make money itself : in this case we would not have had to fight this difficult conversation . In general, I want to say that you are on the right track - a classic strategy of " Squeeze and throw it away ." I hope I helped you.

RS. Of course , I could have you to drastically change their attitude and would offer you my hand and heart , but the one indispensable , important and favorable condition for me - in exchange for your real 5 - 10 million dollars that I could have to invest in the business and increase our future together with you capital, but which you unfortunately do not. So, what if you decide and be prepared to discuss any rental options - let me know !

Also , all these selfish women and girls who are in a hurry and more profitable to sell themselves, their youth and beauty for the money and the status of the rich and successful men , somehow strangely forget about one very important aspect. All of these business leaders , politicians , managers , executives and other well-known and accomplished men - usually are big , strong, strong-willed and rather personal development, capable people . And now the good think about whether a strong, developed individual interest - Small , low levels of personality - Babbitt girl or woman , even beautiful . No, of course - they are with these women - bored, and because they are - not interested and do not need! Have fun with them a short time - it's possible , but for family life serious men personalities - so boring , limited , undeveloped, poor education girls and women - no ! You understand that there is not and will never be anything in common between the thoroughbred stallion horse and a pig , and with them in one cart zapryazhesh not , and will not have any sense . So it is here . Such beautiful , long-legged full circle - it is full and does not even have to take them as wives , as they say today , can easily be removed for $ 100 , and she'll be happy for the display of attention to it .

So, all who dream of getting married for the man held, consider at your leisure, and you are to them, half-educated, undeveloped, underdevelopment, uninhibited, rude and vulgar who do not understand anything in the serious music, in painting, are ignorant of history and literature, despisers read books, not versed in politics, psychology, and in many other things that do not have their own opinion and

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